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FATCAsmart can help confirm the validity of provided GIIN(s) and will allow you to search for an outstanding GIIN based on the name of the FFI.

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GIIN Tracker

Have you confirmed the GIIN status of your account holders? Are your records up to date with the latest Internal Revenue Service information? Let us help you. Click below to learn more about our GIIN Tracker service.

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What's FATCA?

Not even sure what FATCA is?  Head over to our blog to get some basics and the latest news on FATCA.

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Quick Guide to Definitions

In case you aren't fully up-to-date on FATCA jargon, here are a few items that should get you started.  We also recommend that you check out our FATCAsmart blog .

FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act - New reporting regime created through the HIRE Act that requires withholding on certain US source investment income if certain account holder information is not provided to the IRS.
FFI - Foreign Financial Institution - Generally includes banks and investment funds that are domiciled outside of the United States.
GIIN - Global Intermediary Identification Number - An identification number issued to FFIs that have entered into an information sharing agreement with the IRS.